Prevention Of Cervical Cancer

In the Prevention Of Cervical Cancer there are several ways that you can do by doing some type of activity and healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. For more details, please refer to th article again below.

The main way in preventing cervical cancer is to prevent contracting the HPV virus. Approximately 99 percent of cervical cancer cases caused by this virus. Steps than can be dine ti reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer include having sex with secure, faithful spouse, routine screening at the cervix, vaccinations, and stop smoking.

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Most cases of cervical cancer are associated with certain types of HPV infection. The spread of this virus occurs through sexual intercourse that is not secure, then use condoms when sexual intercouse to reduce the risk of contracting HPV. The risk of contracting HPV also increased along with the number of sexual partners a person. Women who have only one spouse also can get this infection if her partner has a lot of other sexual partners.

Screening for cervical cancer or a pap smear is a method to detect cells that could potentially become cancerous. The cervical pap smear is not a tets for cancer. This test only checks the health of cells in the cervix. Most of the results of tests on the woman showed normal results. Do pap smears regularly. Womern who had sex and especially the already aged 25-49 years, its is recomended to do a test every three years. For women age 50-64 years, sugested doing a test five years.

HPV vaccination or human papilomavirus protect woman from infection of the main types of viruses that cause cervical cancer. The vaccine will be more effective if given to girls before sexually active. Although the HPV vaccine could reduce the risk of cervical cancer, but this vaccine does not guarantee you are free from this disease. You still should undergo pap smears regularly despite already getting vaccinations.

The risk of developing cervical cancer could also be reduced by abstinence from smoking. People who smoke more difficult HPV infection in removing from the body. This is a infection that culd potentially become cancerous.

That’s what you have to do in the Prevention Of Cervical Cancer of the uterine body and so you healthy always and avoid the things you don’t want. Hopefully this article useful.

Prevention Of Cervical Cancer

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